North Dakota Tribes Unanimously Endorse Dental Therapy

Dental Therapists Fact Sheet - Good for North Dakota.

17 Groups Support Dental Therapy in ND

Supervising Dental Therapists in North Dakota

Educating Dental Therapists - CODA Accreditation

Legislative Testimony in Support of HB 1256, given on January 18, 2017

     North Dakota Dental Hygienists' Association

     Family Voices of North Dakota

     North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Project

     North Dakota Public Health Association

     The Sullivan Alliance

     Northern Valley Dental Health Coalition

     Advanced Dental Therapist from Minnesota, Christy Jo Fogarty

Feature article on Dr. Bill Maisey, Dentist in Crosby retiring, Divide County Journal, December 2016
Center for Rural Health's Dr. Schroeder Testimony to ND Legislative Committee, July 2016
Dr. Catalanotto's Testimony to ND Legislative Committee, July 2016
Invitation to Tribal Nation's North Dakota Oral Health Summit in August 
Dr. Sullivan Testimony to ND Legislative Interim Health Services Committee, April 13, 2016

North Dakota Oral Health Report: Needs & Proposed Models, 2014

North Dakota Public Health Association's - Access to Oral Health Care Resolution

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