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Say Anything, GF Herald endorse dental therapy bill

GF Herald and Say Anything Blog for dental therapy in ND

In case you missed it over the past few days, the Grand Forks Herald and the Say Anything Blog came out in support of HB 1256, which would allow enterprising dentists in the state a chance to expand their oral health care team by adding a dental therapist. North Dakotans for Dental Access is in support of this initiative and is grateful for the thoughtful and fact-based approach that multiple media outlets have taken in support of HB 1256. To read more, click here, here, or here.

Dental Therapist bill receives “Do Pass” recommendation in House Committee

The House Human Services Committee voted “Do Pass” on HB 1256. North Dakotans for Dental Access, a statewide coalition of 17 groups, supports this effort and HB 1256. A diverse range of media outlets have endorsed this concept in the last week, along with groups from both sides of the aisle in the state. In addition, 1 in 4 rural dentists, and 1 in 6 dentists statewide are interested in hiring dental therapists, according to preliminary results from a survey done by the Center for Rural Health at UND.

ND Rural Health Association joins dental access coalition

17 groups now support HB 1256, with the recent addition of the North Dakota Rural Health Association. If you didn’t know, the ND Rural Health Association is focused on promoting and enhancing the quality of rural health in our state. North Dakotans for Dental Access is proud to support the dental therapist initiative that would increase access to oral health care to those who need it the most: seniors, children, low-income individuals, rural residents, and others. To learn more about how 17 groups support increasing access, go to

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