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Coalition in support of Dental Access growing in North Dakota

North Dakotans for Dental Access welcomes N.D. Hospital Association to growing coalition

Support for increasing access to affordable, routine dental care in the state is growing, as the North Dakota Hospital Association has signed on as a member of the North Dakotans for Dental Access coalition, pushing the group to eleven members. As the newest member of the coalition, the N.D. Hospital Association joins many other medical-, family- and health-based organizations who support this important cause.

Here is a list of all the members of the coalition:
                AARP North Dakota
                Community Action Partnership of ND
                Family Voices of ND
                North Dakota Dental Hygienists Association
                North Dakota Hospital Association
                North Dakota Nurse Practitioners Association
                North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Project
                North Dakota Public Health Association
                Northland Health Centers
                Americans for Prosperity
                Americans for Tax Reform

If you know of a group or organization you think would support the effort in North Dakota to increase access to affordable, routine dental care, please let us know at

Come visit the Minnesota dental therapy program in person

The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry is inviting interested individuals to a one-day conference/tour in mid-November. Please consider joining interested organizations, legislators, dental professionals, educators and others to see how Minnesota dentists have utilized dental therapists to increase access to care and expand dental practices in the state. The site visit and tour will happen on Nov. 13-14. To rsvp and for more information please contact Tracy Christianson at or (612) 625-4310.

New data from Minnesota shows dental therapy program successes

The Interim N.D. Legislative Health Services Committee heard testimony related to dental services in late September from a number of groups, including the Minnesota Department of Health who spoke on the impact of dental therapists on our neighbor to the east. Mark Schoenbaum, director of the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care for the state shared their findings based on their survey of 1,300+ dental therapy patients. Sixty-four dental therapists were working in Minnesota as of August 2016 and clinics are seeing an economic benefit.

To view the latest data from the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care in Minnesota, click here.

Click here for the latest information on the most recent meeting of the North Dakota Legislative Health Services Committee.

How dental therapists can help in Michigan

The Detroit News recently posted an opinion piece to its website indicating how dental therapists can help improve health care in Michigan. In the story the author references a state bill that has been introduced to allow dentists to hire dental therapists. The sponsor of the bill also said the following about criticism from within their state toward this mid-level provider: “Those in opposition…continue to stand behind the false argument of quality concerns,” the Jackson Republican told “Where dental mid-levels have long been enabled and deployed, there is no evidence to support such a claim.” To read the full story, click here.

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