Some ND lawmakers push for more dental hygienist training
Post Date: Feb 05 2015

By Jessica Roose - KFYR-TV
February 5, 2015
Supporters of a bill to provide dental hygienists with more training say North Dakotans need more access to dental care.
The Senate bill would allow hygienists to become Advanced Practical Hygienists and perform routine dental work such as fillings and tooth extractions.
"It's not just about providing services and it's not just about statistics and reports. People are suffering from a lack of services. It's more than just an oral health issue. As a primary provider I recognize that there is a direct linkage between poor oral health and chronic diseases like diabetes," said Director Don Warne, Master of Public Health at North Dakota State University
Opponents say the bill doesn't address the complex reasons patients have difficulty accessing dental care.

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